YNPN Board Nominations 2015!

elections_photo-300x300.jpgTis' the season! Nominations are now open for the YNPN Greater Seattle Board of Directors. We are always looking for new ideas and fresh energy to keep YNPN moving forward. You can nominate yourself or another, so think about someone you think would be a good fit. Current board openings are:

  • Co-Chair
  • Co-Chair (interim 1-year term)
  • Programming
  • Marketing and Communications
  • Secretary
  • Board Member At Large

If you're really excited here's some advice to strengthen your application:

1. Get Involved!

Networking does help! Be sure to come to events and get to know the Board. Also remember that we are always looking for members interested in helping out on committees, so you can get involved without the full committee of being a Board Member. Getting to know folks at YNPN will help. Actions speak louder than words!

2. Bring Passion

We are excited about nonprofits and we want people who are equally excited. Be sure your passion shows through in your application. Tell us what drives you, what keeps you up at night. Show us what will motivate you to keep YNPN going strong!

3. Have Vision

The YNPN Board is a set of leaders in the local nonprofit community. So come with some vision. What do you want to change about nonprofit in your area? How might you impact the nonprofit world through your role as a Board Member? The YNPN Board is about taking initiative and growing the community, so be sure to tell us about your vision in your application.   Nominations are due April 1, 2015, and late nominations will not be considered, so if you're interested, don't wait! Check out the nomination form here!

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