Matchmaking in the Nonprofit Sector

It’s early February, and you know what that means. Red and pink hearts adorn expensive “prix fixe” menus at the restaurants you used to love, and the section of your local grocery store that used to bring you comfort (the sweets aisle, of course) is overrun with candy hearts and questionably-shaped sprinkles on bad sugar cookies.

Whether or not you have a sweetheart to snuggle up with on Valentine's Day, we here at YNPN of Greater Seattle are looking at this whole “matchmaking” month in a different light. We’ve decided to think about how we search for “the one” in the nonprofit world. By “the one,” we mean the perfect organization to work or volunteer for. 

This week, we created an online dating profile for the “perfect” nonprofit organization to work at - what about a nonprofit job description would make you swipe right? Share in the comments, or better yet, join us at one of our upcoming events to discuss!

A Perfect Nonprofit Organization’s OKCupid Profile

A brief summary: We are a growing Seattle-based nonprofit organization. . We already have lots of great things going for us (we serve lots of people, animals, or environments), but we are looking for that special someone to complete us!

Seeking: A thoughtful, kind, and compassionate, and mission-driven employee to help us reach our goals.

Speaks: The language of best practices and social justice. Do you speak another language? We’d love to learn from you!

Qualities: Never smokes, drinks socially at fundraising events, has dietary restriction friendly food options and free coffee in the office.

This organization is really good at: Writing robust (but not exhaustive) job descriptions, offering great benefits including paid parental leave, executing timely follow up with potential employees, donors, volunteers, and program participants, and delivering high impact work in line with our mission.

Favorite books, movies, shows, music and food: Mountains Beyond Mountains (the YNPN Seattle book club book for March!), documentaries on social justice, The West Wing and Parks and Recreation, any feel good pump-up music (think “Don’t stop me now” and “Don’t stop believin’”), any and all foods, particularly dips, donuts, and pizza that get left in the office kitchen after board meetings. 

The six things this organization could never do without:


This organization spends a lot of time thinking about: The balance of thoughtful strategic planning and quick action; the true meaning of return on investment; how to battle structural inequity; creating a culture of philanthropy.

On a typical Friday night I am: An empty office, our employees always get out at a reasonable hour to enjoy their weekends!

Message us if (aka you should apply to our organization if): You’re passionate about our work and you want to learn and grow together!

What are the most important things you look for in a nonprofit job description? Share in the comments, or better yet, join us at one of our upcoming events to discuss!

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