Happy New Year Seattle!

kuta_2012_new_year_fireworks_by_saiogaman-d4kxanh-300x198.jpgHappy New Year Seattle non-profiters! Here at YNPN, we are excited for 2015 and continuing to strengthen the nonprofit professionals network throughout the area. We have plans to continue to host social networking events every month, as well as professional development ones, too. We are looking to build up our programming and communications committees (that’s where YOU can help out!) and will be hosting elections for new Board Members this summer. We have a lot to look forward to, what about you?

Check out these 2015 nonprofit professionals New Year resolutions from Allison Gauss at classy.com:

1. Resolve to call and personally thank 10 donors a month

Every donor should be thanked, but that will usually come in the form of an email or even a mailed letter. Donors expect this. But they won’t be expecting a personal phone call. from an organization. Setting aside just one hour every month allows you to personally reach out and strengthen this relationship. You can call big donors, brand-new donors, or a random group. No matter who you call, they will appreciate it.

2. Resolve to read 4 books this year on fundraising or the nonprofit sector

Another great step to take if you want to become more knowledgeable about fundraising and the nonprofit space, is to make a habit of reading books on the subject. Blogs can keep you up-to-date on the latest developments, but many books on social impact can give you new perspective and inspiration.

3. Set work limits. For a healthy work-life balance, you can’t always be on call

Long hours, underpaid salaries, and high pressure gives the nonprofit sector a very high turnover rate, especially in development. If you’re not keeping an eye on your own needs, you could easily burn out.

To help yourself maintain balance, set some guidelines such as “no work email after 7PM” or “no work on Sundays.” You may not always stick to your plan, but there are plenty of occasions when some message or question can wait until tomorrow.

For all of the resolutions, click here!

To get more involved with YNPN, send us an email at ynpngreaterseattle@gmail.com and be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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